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2015 BEER WINNAHS!!! 1ST: GOALBUSTERS 1577 beers 2nd: CUTTO 789 beers 3rd: CHRIS1225 668 beers 3rd: DOCTOR 668 beers 5th: PGRENIER 546 beers 6th: GELINAS33 425 beers 6th: CHRISPSU05 425 beers 6th: ROLLIN RAY 425 beers 9th: ELLA 136 beers 9th: DUCK 136 beers 9th: SHELLEY 136 beers 9th: GOODELLMUSTDIE136 beers

* "Boy the way Glenn Miller played...songs that made the hit parade...guys like us we had it made...those were the days". Last week it was HUNKSKID and this week it was her son GREEN THUMB as they keep it All in the Family. 1400 beers enroute to Tennessee which should get them some moonshine!! GREEN THUMB beat out JETERSNEVERPROSPER,SPORTSBEAR and RIZZA2 for the week 3 crown.

** Bulletsports online presidential poll (301 reporting): 189 Trump!! 111 Dee Gordon and 1 for that Clinton thing

***There are times when the line looks ridiculous and The Pats/Bills is one of those this week. Is it cuz Rex the Blow hard is Coach?? I mean he is the only one who could enter a pie eating contest with old Pats friend Vince Wilfork....not that pie folks...I was thinking Apple!

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2015 Year end payouts....1st 900 FISH 2nd 600 CAV 3rd 500 DDs 4th 400 SNAPPER 5th 200 HUNDY

Week 29 Loudon NH 9/25/16 Win: GINJA NINJA with Kevin Harvick Pole: MATTMAN with Carl Edwards

Week 30 Dover 10/2/2016 Win: Pole:

Week 27 Richmond 9/10/16 Win: SCUMMA with Denny Hamlin Pole: SCUMMA with Denny Hamlin

Week 28 Sonoma 9/18/16 Win: SNAPPER with Martin Truex Jr Pole: RICHARD M with Kyle Busch