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2015 BEER WINNAHS!!! 1ST: GOALBUSTERS 1577 beers 2nd: CUTTO 789 beers 3rd: CHRIS1225 668 beers 3rd: DOCTOR 668 beers 5th: PGRENIER 546 beers 6th: GELINAS33 425 beers 6th: CHRISPSU05 425 beers 6th: ROLLIN RAY 425 beers 9th: ELLA 136 beers 9th: DUCK 136 beers 9th: SHELLEY 136 beers 9th: GOODELLMUSTDIE136 beers

* If anyone knows what to do with 698 beers its our buddy JGOOSE!!! I mean the guy has a bar in his trunk (yes I am jealous). JGOOSE (13,48) outpointed COTEDVAN (13,10???) for the week 7 victory. PATSNUTHUGGER was also in the running.

** Buffalo on the docket for the Pats this weekend and apparently they owe them?? Why cuz the Pats completely no-showed against the Bills? NO SHOWED...Pats should win big...

*** Sunday morning NFL is crappy quality but sure is great to watch with bacon and eggs...my buddy Shurty gets this every weekend....he dont have bacon and eggs tho...LOL

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2015 Year end payouts....1st 900 FISH 2nd 600 CAV 3rd 500 DDs 4th 400 SNAPPER 5th 200 HUNDY

Week 29 Loudon NH 9/25/16 Win: GINJA NINJA with Kevin Harvick Pole: MATTMAN with Carl Edwards

Week 30 Dover 10/2/2016 Win: MINDY with Martin Truex Jr Pole: SMURF with Brad Keselowski

Week 31 Charlotte 10/8/16 Win: PAVER with Jimmie Johnson Pole:FISH with Kevin Harvick

Week 32 Kansas 10/16/2016 Win: Pole: KUBLAS MOM with Matt Kenseth