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2016 BEER WINNAHS!!! 1ST: JETERSNEVERPROSPER 1707 beers 2nd: THE PACER 1150 beers 3rd: HUNTINGMAN 884 beers 3rd: SHAMROCK 884 beers 5th: MBONACORSI 455 beers 5TH: ALAWRENCE 455 beers 5TH: GOOBSIE 455 beers 5TH: SPORTSBEAR 455 beers 5TH: LEISURESUITLARRY 455 beers 10TH:FISHFAN 53 beers 10TH:PSHINE 53 beers 10TH:BROWN HORNET 53 beers 10TH:KITKAT70 53 beers

* BELICHEK YO SELF wins week 17! She had it wrapped up early making the late games meaningless...698 beers for BELICHEK YO SELF!!

** BOWL POOL RESULTS: 1st: PEG 330 beers 2nd: DUCK (tiebreaker) 165 beers 3rd: QUEENBEE 55 beers

Next year we are doing a 1 time sign up for all pools. 100 beers due end of August which will get you in the Season long pool as well as the Playoff and Bowl Pools....

PLAYOFF POOL RESULTS: 1st TEAM BEAN 575 beers 2nd KKBUBBA 288 beers 3rd tie GOOBSIE & JONESY 144 beers each please contact me via e mail to set up shipment/pick up

NASCAR RENEWALS DUE BY WED FEB 15 if you want your spot from last year. After that its opening up and we have people waiting to get in so dont wait or your gonna lose your spot. THANK YOU.

Click here for Nascar Pool

2016 Year end payouts....1st 900 BUZZINK 2nd 575 PLUMBAH 3rd 475 CIMO 4th 375 PIE 5th DiNAP 200

Race 21 Indianapolis 7/23/2017 Win: DINAP with Kasey Kahne Pole NY SPORTS with Kyle Busch

Race 22 Pocono 400 7/30/2017 Win: MEEESTAH KANN with Kyle Busch Pole: MEEESTAH KANN with Kyle Busch

Race 23 Watkins Glen 8/6/2017 Win: SNAPPER with Martin Truex Jr Pole: MATTMAN with Kyle Busch

Race 24 Michigan 8/13/2017 Win: Pole:

Race 20 Loudon 7/16/2017 Win: SCUMMA with Denny Hamlin Pole: WILD BILL with Martin Truex Jr