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2015 BEER WINNAHS!!! 1ST: GOALBUSTERS 1577 beers 2nd: CUTTO 789 beers 3rd: CHRIS1225 668 beers 3rd: DOCTOR 668 beers 5th: PGRENIER 546 beers 6th: GELINAS33 425 beers 6th: CHRISPSU05 425 beers 6th: ROLLIN RAY 425 beers 9th: ELLA 136 beers 9th: DUCK 136 beers 9th: SHELLEY 136 beers 9th: GOODELLMUSTDIE136 beers

BUCKETHEAD59 wins week 17 over DOCTOR!!! 634 beers for BUCKETHEAD59!!

BOWL POOL PAYOUTS: 1st YANKEE 325 beers 2nd MIDGET MAN 195 beers 3rd HASHMARK 100 beers


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2015 Year end payouts....1st 900 FISH 2nd 600 CAV 3rd 500 DDs 4th 400 SNAPPER 5th 200 HUNDY

Week 36 Phoenix 11/15 /15 WIN: CLAM with Dale Earnhardt Jr Pole: DDs with Jimmie Johnson

week 37 Homestead 11/22/15 Win: SMURF with Kyle Busch Pole: RICHARD M with Denny Hamlin

week 33 Talladega 10/25/15 WIN: WALLY with Joey Logano Pole: WILD BILL with Jeff Gordon

Week 34 Martinsville 11/1/15 WIN: MATT MOORE with Jeff Gordon Pole: MEEESTAH KANN with Joey Logano

week 35 Texas 11/8/2015 WIN: FISH with Jimmie Johnson Pole: Clam with Brad Keselowski